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Dear Looklike blog friends, in this article I would like to talk to you about a brand of clothing that is not very well known at the moment, but I’m sure it will be destined to have a huge success: MiaGiacca.

As you know, I am passionate about Royal family and celebrities and I have a soft spot for the bon-ton style like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Keira knightley! Lately, I was looking
for a style that gave me the allure of Coco Chanel, but without spending a fortune, and that’s how I came
across an Instagram brand from a Instagram page made in Poland that only produces clothing in tweed!

tweed chanel
Jacqueline Kennedy O. wears a tweed suit Chanel on the left, on the middle a tweed Chanel jacket FW 2018/19, on the right the CHANEL Vanity bag

For those who do not know the tweed is the multicolored woven fabric whose main material is wool and the weft is thick and very textured. The Maison Chanel brought it to the fore in the 1950s and has since
become a symbol of elegance and class. I myself last spring bought a tweed shoulder strap and if you are
curious to see which one click here!

tessuto tweed MiaGiacca
Tweed detail of one of the models of jackets from the MiaGiacca collection

MiaGiacca (written all attached) was created by Maja Zrobecka, a entrepreneur woman who has many points in common with me: she works at home during the time when the children are at school and when she arrives in the school yard she can not do without to notice the elegance that show off other mothers coming directly from the office.
This brilliant woman thought it would take only one iconic piece of excellent workmanship to turn simple jeans and a white T-shirt into a classy outfit! So she created her first Tweed jacket for herself.

When I visited her website I was really struck by the care and professionalism of his work as well as the class that has his collection, and so I contacted her to ask if I could write an article about her work to be known in Italy. Maja enthusiastically accepted and immediately answered a series of questions concerning some curiosities about her and her work as a stylist.

Here is my interview with MiaGiacca:

ClaudiaDi: The name of your brand is “Mia Giacca”, you are Polish, why did you give your brand an Italian name?

Maja: The name MiaGiacca (written together) is a kind of word game. My name is Maja and in English they often call me Mia. Jacket obviously means “jacket” in Italian, but for me it is more like a surname, a kind of alter ego. Moreover, Italy has always been associated with high level craftsmanship and this is the idea I want to give of my work.

ClaudiaDi: Your brand looks like something new: what year was MiaGiacca officially born?

Maja: The initial idea to start MiaGiacca dates back to February 2016 when I ordered the first piece of tweed to make a jacket for me. Then it took me some time to do research and analysis. Officially MiaGiacca started in May 2017. This is when I started working on the first piece, our flagship style called Mia.

ClaudiaDi: Are there style icons that inspire you when you create your collection?

Maja: I love the classic style and universal pieces that I can wear for years. I have never been a victim of fashion and I do not follow blind trends. I really like the style of Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie and Tilda Swinton because they choose classic clothes, but each dress is a strong representation of their individual style.

ClaudiaDi: Who is your collection addressed to and why should a woman prefer one of your pieces instead of a famous brand?

Maja: My collection is for women tired of wearing poor quality clothes bought on the fast-fashion shelves. My clothes are for women who make intelligent purchases, who pay attention to the composition of the fabric and the origin of the clothes they wear. It is for lovers of classic and timeless elegance and, of course, for those who love everything that is tweed.

ClaudiaDi: Why would a woman buy a MiaGiacca garment instead of the most famous brands?

Maja: Because there is no other brand that does what we do: we are specialized in tweeds that come from an English mill with over 100 years of tradition, we use fabrics with a predominance of natural fibers and the best thing is that every jacket is made to order so that personalization is always possible. All jackets are limited edition, so the chances of identifying another person wearing the exact same model are close to zero.

“We do not produce excessively because we respect our planet and our customers”


ClaudiaDi: How do you recommend matching your Tweed jacket?

Maja: A tweed jacket is probably one of the most versatile dresses ever created. For those who do not yet own a tweed jacket, I suggest starting with an unbeatable classic look: a tweed jacket, a white T-shirt, a good pair of jeans and shoes with ballerina shoes or heels. Adding a tweed jacket to this otherwise casual look will immediately increase your style and safety.

This is how the idea of ​​starting MiaGiacca was born. I needed something to improve my appearance quickly when I was going to pick up my kids from school and a tweed jacket was perfect for that.

abbinamento giacca tweed miagiacca
Example of outfit created with MIAGIACCA’s Royal blue tweed jacket (Created by ClaudiaDi)

A tweed jacket is also perfect with leather pants and skirts, with blouses with bow tie or in a dress with matching skirt or shorts.

abbinare giacca tweed e pantaloni pelle
Example of Outfit created with BossLady tweed jacket by MiaGiacca (created by ClaudiaDi)

Finally, I love to combine it with a white men’s shirt and leather leggings, thus obtaining a more informal look.

Example of outfit created with FLAME tweed blazer (created by ClaudiaDi)

ClaudiaDi: Would you like one of your clothes to be worn by one of the magnificent Duchesses of the British Royal Family?

Maja: Oh yes, definitely! I think my collection offers many styles that Duchesse could wear. We hope, one day!

ClaudiaDi: Bill Gates said: there will be two types of businesses in the 21st century. Those that are on the Internet and those that no longer exist: how important do you consider e-commerce in the development of activities?

Maja: MiaGiacca is an e-commerce company and we do not have cement and brick stores. Currently the number of shopping centers is already decreasing in favor of smaller showrooms. Being online is crucial, especially for small brands like mine. Before the birth of Instagram it was much more difficult to get noticed, but managing your online presence is a full-time job and requires a lot of effort to be performed correctly.

ClaudiaDi: What are your plans for the future of your brand?

Maja: I want to listen to my customers and get inspired by their wishes for my future collections. I do not want to create clothes that nobody wants to wear, so customer feedback is always my priority. I would like to develop my e-commerce business in order to guarantee my clients an exceptional shopping experience and I want to focus on personalized clothes to bring back the magic of the old school tailoring.

I would like to develop a way to meet my customers in person, for example to private shows organized in the main cities. I’m sure the future will be bright for brands that develop a niche like the MiaGiacca.

(End of interview)

I am convinced that in front of the world of fast-fashion, which is currently practiced a lot also by the great brands, people who love fashion and know it will appreciate the products made with care and professionalism by “artisans” like Maya of MiaGiacca. As has already happened in the world of large-scale food industry, people do not give up buying excellent products produced by local producers who are experts in their field.

I am sure that this trend (of appreciating good product) will happen in the fashion world, where the quality of excellence like MiaGiacca will surpass (in reputation) the quantity of large clothing chains.

You can see and purchase the items from the MiaGiacca collection directly on your e-commerce by clicking here.

What do you think of this designer and of the work done by the so-called “excellences”? Are you a lover of quality products or are you indifferent to buy from a “craftsman” or a “fast fashion” shop?

Let me know yours in the comments, or even just leave me a like!

I hope later to introduce you to other excellences of the fashion world!

Meanwhile, I hug you tightly. ClaudiaDi

Author: ClaudiaDi

Fondatrice e art-director di Looklike blog. Appassionata di stile, tendenze, Celebrities e Royal Family. La mia specialità sono i look dei personaggi famosi e delle famiglie Reali.  

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